Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics

As of January, CIAT's Library is exhibiting books, thesis, reports, and other documents on "Sustainable Agriculture in the Tropics". The exhibition includes: organic farming, biological agriculture, agroecology, sustainable agricultural systems, agroforestry, organic crops, among others. Some of the publications are listed below:

  • Agroecología: Bases científicas para una agricultura sustentable. Altieri S., Miguel Angel; Hecht, Susanna B; Liebman, Matt; Magdoff, Fred; Norgaard, Richard B; Sikor, Thomas O. 1996.
  • Agricultura orgánica: Fundamentos para la región andina. Benzing, Albrecht. 2001.
  • Workhop from Subsistence to Sustainable Agriculture: Policies, Strategies, and Implementation. Breth, Steven A. (ed.). 2004.
  • Soil ecology in sustainable agricultural systems. Brussaard, L.; Ferrera-Cerrato, Ronald (eds.). 1997.
  • Agroecology. Carroll, C. Ronald; Vandermeer, John H.; Rosset, Peter M. 1990.
  • Crop protection and sustainable agriculture. 1993. (Ciba Foundation symposium 177)
  • Agricultura sostenible: (Ecológica u orgánica). Díaz Alvarez, José Ramón; Chacón Castela, Eugenion Angel (eds.). 2003.
  • Agricultura orgánica, ambiente y seguridad alimentaria [on line]. El-Hague Scialabba, Nadia; Hattam, Caroline (eds.). 2003.
  • Participatory research and development for sustainable agriculture and natural resource management: A sourcebook. Gonsalves, Julian; Becker, Thomas; Braun, Ann R.; Campilan, Dindo; De Chávez, Hidelisa; Fajber, Elizabeth; Kapiriri, Monica; Rivaca-Caminade, Joy; Vernooy, Ronnie (eds.). 2005.
  • Sustainable agriculture systems. Hatfield, Jerry L.; Karlen, D.L. (eds.). 1994.
  • Soil quality and agricultural sustainability. Lal, R. (ed.). 1998.
  • International Conference on Biological Agriculture. The role of microorganisms in a sustainable agriculture: Selected papers. López Real, J.M.; Hodges, R.D. (eds.). 1986.
  • Agriculturas sin agrotóxicos. Mejía Gutiérrez, Mario. 1997.
  • A primer on organic-based rice farming. Pandey, R.K. 1991.
  • Soil biota: Management in sustainable farming systems. Pankhurst, C.E.; Doube, B.; Gupta, V.; Grace, P.R. 1994.
A complete list of the exhibition's publications can be found in PDF

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