Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Fertility and Management of Tropical Soils

As of May, CIAT's Library is exhibiting books, thesis, reports and other documents on "Fertility and Management of Tropical Soils”. The exhibition includes: tropical soils; soil conservation; integrated soil management; soil biology; African soils; Andean soils, among others. Some of the publications are listed below:

  • Integrated soil fertility management options for agricultural intensification in the Sudano-Sahelian zone of West Africa. 2008. Bationo, André.

  • Seminario Regional sobre Evaluación de Estrategias y Acciones de Manejo y Conservación de Suelos de Ladera para el Desarrollo Sostenible (1996, Ibarra, Ecuador). 1996. Chirinos, Félix José; Pérez S., Elio A. (eds.).

  • Soil fertility management in Africa : A regional perspective. 2003. Gichuru, M.P.; Bationo, André; Bekunda, M.A.; Goma, H.C.; Mafongoya, P.L.; Mugendi, Daniel N.; Murwira, Herbert K.; Nandwa, S.M.; Nyathi, P.; Swift, M.J. (eds.).

  • Advances in integrated soil fertility management in Sub-Saharan Africa : Challenges and opportunities. 2007. Bationo, André; Waswa, Boaz S.; Kihara, Job; Kimetu, Joseph (eds.).

  • Suelos del trópico : Características y manejo. 1981. Sánchez, Pedro A.

  • Soil fertility decline in the tropics with case studies in plantations. 2003. Hartemink, Alfred E.

  • Nature's plow: Soil macroinvertebrate communities in the neotropical savannas of Colombia. 2001. Jiménez Jaén, Juan José; Thomas, Richard J. (eds.).

  • Towards integrated soil fertility management in Tanzania: Developing farmers' options and responsive policies in the context of prevailing agro-ecological, socio-economic and institutional conditions. 2002. Ley, George; Baltissen, Gerard; Veldkamp, Wietze; Nyaki, Adolph; Schrader, Ted.

  • Manejo productivo de suelos para cultivos de alto rendimiento. 2001. García Ocampo, Alvaro; Valenzuela B., Ivonne G. (eds.).

  • Monitoring and evaluation of soil conservation and watershed development projects. 2007. Graaff, J. de; Cameron, John; Sombatpanit, Samran; Pieri, Christian; Woodhill, Jim (eds.).

  • Sustaining growth : Soil fertility management in tropical smallholdings. 1994. Müller-Sämann, Karl M.; Kotschi, Johannes.

  • Fertility of soils : A future for farming in the West African Savannas. 1992. Pieri, Christian J.M.G.

  • Soil conservation in Andean cropping systems : Soil erosion and crop productivity in traditional and forage-legume based cassava cropping systems in the South Colombian Andes. 1995. Ruppenthal, Martin.

  • Conservation and sustainable management of below-ground biodiversity in Indonesia. 2005. Susilo, F.X.; Gafur, Abdul; Utomo, Muhajir; Evizal, Rusdi; Murwani, Sri; Swibawa, I Gede (eds.).

  • The biological management of tropical soil fertility. 1994. Woomer, Paul L.; Swift, M.J. (eds.).

A complete list of the exhibition's publications can be found in PDF (39 kb).

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