Thursday, November 19, 2009

Water Rights

As of November, CIAT's Library is exhibiting books, thesis, reports and other documents on "Water Rights”. The exhibition includes: water resource management, water legislation, women and water resources, water policies, water scarcity, community watershed management, among others. Some of the publications are listed below:

  • Higher level institutions and policies : Water and food in river basins in Africa, Asia and Latin America: A comparative analysis. 2008. Cook, Simon E.; Harrington, Larry G.; Huber-Lee, A.
  • Agua y derecho : Políticas hídricas, derechos consuetudinarios e identidades locales. 2006. Boelens, Rutgerd; Getches, David; Guevara Gil, Armando (eds.).
  • Water : Local-level management. 2002. Brooks, David B.
  • Derechos de agua y acción colectiva. 2007. Boelens, Rutgerd; Hoogendam, Paul (eds.).

  • Blue revolution : Integrated land and water resource management. 2005. Calder, Ian R.

  • The many meanings of collective action : Lessons on enhancing gender inclusion and equity in watershed management. 2006. German, Laura A.; Taye, Hailemichael; Charamila, Sarah; Tolera, Tesema; Tanui, Joseph.
  • Beyond scarcity: Power, poverty and the global water crisis. Human development report 2006.
  • User participation in watershed management and research. 2001. Johnson, Nancy L.; Ravnborg, Helle Munk; Westermann, Olaf; Probst, Kirsten.
  • Negotiating water rights. 2000. Randolph, Bryan; Meindzen-Dick, Ruth (eds.).
  • Farmers' decision making on land use : The importance of soil conditions versus other factors in the case of rio Cabuyal watershed, Colombia. 1998. Ravnborg, Helle Munk; Rubiano, Jorge Enrique.
  • Liquid relations : Contested water rights and legal complexity. 2005. Roth, Dik; Boelens, Rutgerd; Zwarteveen, Margreet (eds.).
  • The institutional economics of water : A cross-country analysis of institutions and performance. 2004. Saleth, R. Maria; Dinar, Ariel.
  • Community watershed management in semi-arid India : The state of collective action and its effects on natural resources and rural livelihoods. 2008. Shiferaw, Bekele; Kebede, Tewodros; Reddy, V. Ratna.
  • Derechos de agua y autonomía local : Análisis comparativo de los Andes peruanos y los Alpes suizos. 2007. Verzijl, Andrés.
  • Water, women, and local social organization in the Western Kenya highlands. 2006. Were, Elizabeth; Swallow, Brent M.; Roy, Jessica.
A complete list of the exhibition's publications can be found in PDF (44 kb).

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