Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Intellectual Property Rights

As of May, CIAT's Library is exhibiting books, thesis, reports and other documents on "Intellectual Property Rights”. The exhibition includes: indigenous people and intellectual property rights; property rights and biotechnology; laws for access to genetic resources; biotechnology and patent protection, among others. Some of the publications are listed below:

  • Agricultural biotechnology and intellectual property : Seeds of change [on line]. Kesan, Jay P. (ed.). 2007.

  • Methodology for developing policies and laws for access to genetic resources and benefit sharing. Lewis-Lettington, Robert J.; Ruiz Muller, Manuel; Young, Tomme R.; Nnadozie, Kent A.; Halewood, Michael; Cabrera Medaglia, Jorge. 2006.

  • La propiedad intelectual y las nuevas biotecnologías desde la perspectiva del comercio agrícola. Astudillo, Francisco; Salazar, Silvia; Cabrera, Jorge. 2000.

  • Investing in knowledge capital : Management imperatives. Liyanage, Shantha; Jones, Alan J. 2002.

  • Intellectual property management in health and agricultural innovation : A handbook of best practices [CD-ROM] . Krattiger, Anatole F.; Mahoney, Richard T.; Nelsen, Lita; Thomson, Jennifer A.; Bennett, Alan B.; Satyanarayana, Kanikaram; Graff, Gregory D.; Fernández, Carlos; Kowalski, Stanley P. 2007.

  • Engineering the farm : Ethical and social aspects of agricultural biotechnology. Bailey, Britt; Lappé, Marc (eds.). 2002.

  • Telling transgenic technology tales : Lessons from the Agricultural Biotechnology Support Project (ABSP) experience. Brenner, Carliene. 2004.

  • La bioprospección y el acceso a los recursos genéticos : Una guía práctica. Carrizosa Posada, Santiago; Casas Isaza, Adriana. 2000.

  • Common knowledge : how companies thrive by sharing what they know. Dixon, Nancy M. 2000.

  • Intellectual property rights for indigenous peoples : A sourcebook. Greaves, Tom (ed.). 1994.

  • Políticas sobre biotecnología y recursos genéticos. Pardey, Philip G.; Koo, Bonwoo (eds.). 2003.

  • Intellectual property rights and agriculture in developing countries : Proceedings of a seminar on the Impact of Plant Breeder´s Rights in Developing Countries, held March 7-8, 1995, Santa Fé de Bogotá, Colombia. Wijk, Jeroen van; Jaffé, Walter R. (eds.). 1996.

A complete list of the exhibition's publications can be found in PDF (44 kb).

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