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Agribusiness and Agricultural Markets

As of April, CIAT's Library is exhibiting books, thesis, reports and other documents on "Agribusiness and Agricultural Markets". The exhibition includes: rural agroindustry; markets; marketing; agroenterprises; trade liberalization; small farming, among others. Some of the publications are listed below:

From subsistence to market oriented livestock smallholder development in Nicaragua and Honduras. Aburto Sánchez, Elsa. 2008.

Working together, learning together : Learning alliances in agroenterprise development. Best, Rupert; Ferris, Shaun; Mundy, Paul (eds.). 2009.

The expected benefits of trade liberalization for world income and development : Opening the black box of global trade modeling. Bouët, Antoine. 2008.

Building institutions for markets. World Bank (World development report, 2002)

Speciality rices of the world : Breeding, production and marketing. Chaudhary, R.C.; Tran, D.V.; Duffy, R. (eds.). 2001.

Estudios de mercados hortofrutícolas : Estados Unidos, Canadá, Costa Rica, Cuba, República Dominicana, Jamaica. Cuéllar de García, Sandra; Medina, Jazmine; Robbins, Jodean. 2001.

Globalización y agricultura en las Américas : Escenarios para el desarrollo tecnológico de la agricultura hemisférica. Díaz Bonilla, Eugenio; Reca, Lucio G.; Espinal G., Carlos Federico; Piñeiro, Valeria; Diao, Xinshen; Samacá P., Henry.

A market facilitator´s guide to participatory agroenterprise development. Ferris, Shaun; Kaganzi, Elly; Best, Rupert; Ostertag Gálvez, Carlos Felipe; Lundy, Mark; Wandschneider, T. 2008.

Getting to market : From agriculture to agroenterprise. Ferris, Shaun; Mundy, Paul; Best, Rupert (eds.). 2009.

Field guide to produce : How to identify, select, and prepare virtually every fruit and vegetable at the market. Green, Aliza. 2004.

El agronegocio y la empresa agropecuaria frente al Siglo XXI. Guerra E., Guillermo. 2002.

Participatory market chain analysis for smallholder producers. Lundy, Mark; Gottret, María Verónica; Ostertag Gálvez, Carlos Felipe; Best, Rupert; Ferris, Shaun. 2007.

Comercialización de productos forestales no maderables : Factores que influyen en el éxito: Conclusiones del estudio de México y Bolivia e implicancias políticas para los tomadores de decisión. Marshall, Elaine; Schreckenberg, Kathrin; Newton, Adrian C. (eds.). 2006.

The transformation of agri-food systems : Globalization, supply chains and smallholder farmers. McCullough, Ellen B.; Pingali, Prabhu L.; Stamoulis, Kostas G. (eds.). 2008.

Identifying market opportunities for rural smallholder producers. Ostertag Gálvez, Carlos Felipe; Lundy, Mark; Gottret, María Verónica; Best, Rupert; Ferris, Shaun. 2007.

Biotecnología para el uso sostenible de la biodiversidad : Capacidades locales y mercados potenciales. Quezada, F.; Roca, William M.; Szauer, M.T.; Gómez, J.J.; López, R. 2005.

From parastatals to private trade : Lessons from Asian agriculture. Rashid, Shahidur; Gulati, Ashok; Cummings, Ralph Waldo (eds.). 2008.

Science for agriculture and rural development in low-income countries. Roetter, R.P.; Keulen, H. van; Kuiper, Marijke; Verhagen, J.; Laar, H. H. van (eds.). 2007.

Market development for genetically modified foods. Santaniello, V.; Evenson, Robert E.; Zilberman, David (eds.). 2002.

Trading up : Building cooperation between farmers and traders in Africa. 2008.

Regoverning markets : A place for small scale producers in modern agrifood chains. Vorley, William; Fearne, Andrew; Ray, Derek (eds.). 2007.

Agribusiness for Africa’s Prosperity. Yumkella, Kandeh K.; Kormawa, Patrick M.; Roepstorff, Torben M.; Hawkins, Anthony M. (eds.) 2011.

Agribusiness and innovation systems in Africa. Larsen, Kurt; Kim, Ronald; Theus, Florian (eds.). 2009.

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