Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Drought Tolerance in Tropical Crops

During October-November, CIAT’s Library is exhibiting books, thesis, reports, and other documents on: “Drought Tolerance in Tropical Crops”. The exhibition includes: yield response to drought stress; improving resistance to environmental stress; physiological effects of water stress; breeding and selection for drought resistance; inheritance of drought tolerance, among others. Some of the publications are listed below:

Drought resistance in cereals. 1989. Baker, F.W.G. (ed.).

Drought tolerance in higher plants : Genetical, physiological and molecular biological analysis. 1997. Belhassen, Eric (ed.).

Identificación de respuestas fisiológicas y adaptaciones morfológicas de tolerancia a sequía en frijol Phaseolus vulgaris L. 1999. Aguirre Medina, Juan Francisco.

Analysis of drought resistance in grain legumes : The case of Vicia faba L., Pisum sativum L., Phaseolus vulgaris L. and Cicer aritinum L. 1998. Amede, Tilahun.

Breedingrice for drought-prone environments. 2003. Fischer, K.S.; Lafitte, R.; Fukai, S.; Atlin, G.N.; Hardy, Bill (eds.).

Inheritanceof drought tolerance traits in andean x andean and andean x Mesoamerican F2populations. 2007. Beebe, Stephen E.; Makunde, Godwill S.; Blair, Matthew W.; Chirwa, Rowland; Lungu, Davies.

Monitoringand predicting agricultural drought : A global study . 2005. Boken, Vijendra K.; Cracknell, Arthur P.; Heathcote, R.L. (eds.).

Fighting drought and aluminum toxicity: Integrating functional genomics phenotypic screening and participatory evaluation with women and small-scale farmers to develop stress-resistant common bean and Brachiaria for the tropics. Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical. 2010.

Drought resistance in crops with emphasis on rice. 1982. International Rice Research Institute (IRRI).
Developingdrought-and low N-tolerant maize. 1997. Edmeades, Gregory O.; Bänziger, Martin; Mickelson, H.R; Peña Valdivia, Cecilia Beatriz (eds.).

Adaptation to drought in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) : Root and shoot development in relation to water stress in selected bean genotypes. 1998. Majambere, Joachim.

The physiology and biochemistry of drought resistance in plants. 1981. Paleg, Leslie Godell; Aspinall, D. (eds.).

Droughtfrontiers in rice : Crop improvement forincreased rainfed production. 2008. Serraj, Rachid; Bennett, J.; Hardy, B. (eds.).

Genetic, morphological and physiological studies of drought and heat resistance in tepary beans (Phaseolus acutifolius A. Gray) and common beans (P. vulgaris L.). 1983. Thomas, C.V.

The inheritance of drought tolerance in sweet corn. 1966. Williams, Tom Vare.
A complete list of the exhibition in PDF

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