Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Drought Tolerance in Plants

As of June-July, CIAT's Library is exhibiting books, thesis, reports and other documents on "Drought Tolerance in Plants”. The exhibition includes: water stress; abiotic stresses; physical stresses; drought resistance; environmental stress, among others. Some of the publications are listed below:

  • Physiology and molecular biology of stress tolerance in plants. Madhava Rao, K V.; Raghavendra, A.S.; Reddy, K. Janardhan. 2006.

  • Abiotic stresses : Plant resistance through breeding and molecular approaches. Ashraf, M.; Harris, P.J.C. (eds.). 2005.

  • Evaluación y selección de genotipos de Brachiaria spp. por su tolerancia al estrés por sequía y toxicidad por aluminio. Hoyos Villegas, Valerio. 2007.

  • Drought resistance in cereals. Baker, F.W.G. (ed.). 1989.

  • Drought tolerance in higher plants : Genetical, physiological and molecular biological analysis. Belhassen, Eric (ed.). 1997.

  • Water transport in plants under climatic stress : Proceedings of an international workshop, held in Vallombrosa, Firenze, Italy. Borghetti, M; Grace, J; Raschi A. (eds.). 1993.
  • Drought resistance in crops with emphasis on rice. International Rice Research Institute (IRRI). 1982.

  • Physical stresses in plants : Genes and their products for tolerance. Grillo, S; Leone, A. (eds.). 1996.

  • Screening for drought tolerance in dry beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Hidalgo, R. 1977.

  • Genetic improvement of rice for water-limited environments. Ito, O.; O'Toole, John C.; Hardy, Bill (eds.). 1999.

  • Analysis of drought resistance in grain legumes : The case of Vicia faba L., Pisum sativum L., Phaseolus vulgaris L. and Cicer aritinum L. Amede, Tilahun. 1988.

  • Stress and stress coping in cultivated plants. McKersie, Bryan D.; Leshem, Ya'acov. 1994.
A complete list of the exhibition's publications can be found in PDF (27 kb).

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