Thursday, July 16, 2009

Organic Agriculture in the Tropics

As of July-August, CIAT's Library is exhibiting books, theses, reports and other documents on "Organic Agriculture in the Tropics”. The exhibition includes: agroecology, sustainable agriculture, composting, minimum tillage, organic fertilizers, biological pest control and soil fertility management, among others. Some of the publications are listed below:
  • Agroecology and the search for a truly sustainable agriculture [on line]. Altieri, Miguel Angel; Nicholls, Clara Inés. 2005.

  • Agricultura orgánica : Fundamentos para la región andina. Benzing, Albrecht. 2001.

  • Compost production : A manual for Asian farmers. Chen, Zueng-Sang; Bejosano Gloria, Cristina (eds.). 2005.

  • Biological husbandry : A scientific approach to organic farming. Stonehouse, Bernard. 1981.

  • Cover crops in West Africa : Contributing to sustainable agriculture = Plantes de couverture en Afrique de l'Ouest : Une contribution à l'agriculture durable. Buckles, Daniel; Etèka, A.; Osiname, O.; Galiba, M.; Galiano, G. (eds.). 1998.

  • Agricultura orgánica en Colombia : Un enfoque analítico y sintético. Zúñiga E., Orlando; Pohlan, Jürgen (eds.). [2001].

  • A future for the land : Organic practice from a global perspective. Conford, Philip (ed.). 1992.

  • Agricultural sostenible : (Ecológica u orgánica). Díaz Alvarez, José Ramón; Chacón Castela, Eugenion Angel (eds.). 2003.

  • Agroecología : bases científicas para una agricultura sustentable. Altieri S., Miguel Angel; Hecht, Susanna B; Liebman, Matt; Magdoff, Fred; Norgaard, Richard B; Sikor, Thomas O. 1996.

  • Workhop from Subsistence to Sustainable Agriculture : Policies, Strategies, and Implementation (2002, Johannesburg, South Africa). From susbsistence to sustainable agriculture in Africa: Papers presented. Breth, Steven A. (ed.). 2004.

  • Soil tillage in agroecosystems. El Titi, Adel. 2003.

  • Agroecología en el trópico : Ejemplos de Cuba : La biodiversidad vegetal, cómo conservarla y multiplicarla. Leyva Galán, Angel; Pohlan, Jürgen. 2002.

  • Manual de agricultura orgánica. Ramírez Castaño, Gustavo. 1999.

A complete list of the exhibition's publications can be found in PDF (74 kb).

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